Disgracer - Cursed Since Birth

by Disgracer

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    Recorded, mixed, and mastered at AXtudios in Barcelona in June/July of 2014

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Displaced from society, seeing time go by, the only scape is death. Condemned to be chained to a psycotic mind, I'm cursed since my birth. It's hard to live out of my isolation cell, Security has turn into obsession The system sees me as some kind of human waste, and rejected me for my condition The crime is my preception of a different reality Controlled by poisons, that change my mentality Hearing the cries of patients like me, echoing in the walls of concrete For those who dare defy imposed rules, electric shocks are their fate. Looking throught the mirror I only see fear of the pain that awaits till the end. Faith in god when I wake up fades away, the meaning of my life is hate. Bloody ghouls are appearing in frightening visions Whispering killer intentions, convencing my soul Steps, advance, the time, has come my handmade knife penetrates the flesh Hate to the staff are flowing throught my veins the red blood that flows is fresh Slash, gut, bite, pull, Holy taste of human meat Time to rule Sacrifice now is complete, Sick, brain, now, burns
Chained to my gun, I’m close to you I wont stop till your head feel my club Servile and obedient, I don’t fucking care I work to bring you punishment Cocaine flows in me I’m the blind hangman Enter the van, we are alone I feel my boot crushing your bones It has just started, I will never mind I feel pleasure trampling innocent lives This poison flows in me Don’t try to resist False freedom controlled by vultures Fuck the government and his mercenaries Murderers silenced by mass media Dictature disguised by democracy Running, smashing, crushing, killing You think of your rights, lying on the ground Hunting, beating, pointing, shooting Slag in uniform, pure scorn Chained to my gun, I’m close to you Beating your son and enjoying abuse Your wife is a slut, I don’t fucking care I obey orders without protest Venom flows in me As it should be Time to break the line Revolution against oppressors Leaving this shit behind Ruthless riot over the dictators
I am the king that enslaves humanity your suffering is feeding me I poured dummy value to a shitty piece of paper creating a system based on inequality Watching from the top of the pyramid hidden behind publicity Hypnotized servants focused on possessions, your lethargy is my greatest victory Dominate the media is the strategy focusing hate on the wrong enemy Bombing brains with useless information overdose that leads you to the deadly apathy Educated brothers to compeat your ego will not let you see Your sense of superiority only brings destruction favoring the path to the seeds of corruption While I take care of cutting your odds until your death worship your god Cursed creator of misery and wars until your death worship your god Real world is hidden by the lie the veil that covers your blind eyes Programmed for the routine you are dead since your birth the wheel of fortune immerses you to the dirt Vermin playing on my board perdition at the end of the road Freewill is suppressed by my throughful rules you only have to advance like crappy fools
Darkness, unleashed by man, spreading like a storm Consuming, hope and prospective, blackened future Destruction of life, devouring plague advancing Slaughter, of freedom and respect, torture of innocents The superior race is beheading the future Breaking equilibrium that keep them alive The seed of damnation is draining the life His insect of death has opened the wings Black grub Dead end Drained life No dawn See, the human cycle death, buried himself The act, is reaching its end, there will be no rise With nothing more to kill, only silence rests Epilogue, of men age is here, just say goodbye Misanthropic roar, Hear my call Rising in my soul, Feel my hate We are a virus inside the earth Spreading destruction of all life around Wasting our time in killing each other Evil advancing straight off Misanthropic roar, Hear my call Rising in my soul, Wake of rage
Trapped from the birth, thoughts of a piece of land Hate to the difference, fear upon the exterior And now, hatred is the pride of the nation Moral is raised over lines in a map, culture decides what is wrong or wright You are doomed from the start Is the bane of the mind Fuck the flags The world is condemned by his lack of comprehension Fuck the flags We are sick of your pride Your fight for the reason, leads you to your dead Believing the lies, that tear off our lives Laws, masked destruction
Merciless assassin my blood burns inside my veins I will hunt you down your only escape is go insane My body is not responding I cant go another way I won’t rest in peace till I dismember you to death My urge to kill To crush your teeth To tear your eyes Living autopsy Bleeding corpse Mutilation Now you got no arms you can’t mark me anymore My psychotic madness will draw you in pieces to your tomb Rooted underground, your strategies will end soon Slashing-skin scalpel, I will make you become dust My feast of blood Your living hell Going insane Carrion dissection Bath of scum Assassination Dismember, your body, in pieces, tonight


released September 3, 2014


Recorded, mixed, and mastered at AXtudios, Barcelona in June/July of 2014.


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Odio Sonoro Spain

Sello discografico con base en Satander


Record label based in Satander

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